Whether it’s your first, second, or hundredth visit to The Boardroom, we know that you’ll be pretty keen to impress the lady that you’re visiting and hopeful that when you leave, she’ll be eagerly anticipating the next time she sees you. For those who’d like a few tips on how to really make a great impression upon our ladies, we’ve put the following guide together!

  • Know what you want! Whether you’re seeking to fulfil a kinky fantasy or just eager for a sensual spa, knowing what you’d like to do before the booking begins means that you can be open with the lady about what you’re looking for. There’ll be no guessing games or awkward moments: you can get right down to the fun stuff!
  • Freshen up! While we know it isn’t always practical or even possible to have a shower and pop on a new outfit before you arrive at The Boardroom, taking full advantage of the showers in each of our suites and popping a breathmint or some gum means that our ladies will be eager to get as close as possible!
  • Be respectful! Our ladies love to have fun and enjoy themselves in every booking, but remember there may be some topics of conversation the lady you’re seeing may not like to discuss, or some services she doesn’t choose to provide. Respect the boundaries she sets and let her tell you what she likes and what she doesn’t: you may get a pleasant surprise!
  • Keep in touch! If you’re seeing a lady for the first time and decide you’d like to come back and visit again, don’t hesitate to ask her to remind you of her name and when she’s usually working. If she has social media accounts, you might also be able to keep up with her work roster there: some of our girls post regularly on Twitter about when they’ll be at The Boardroom next! If not, you can always ask our friendly reception staff – over the phone or in person – about our ladies next shift. They’ll be more than happy to make sure that your next visit is just as fun as your last!

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