Each time you visit The Boardroom, one of our receptionists will show you through in to an ‘intro’ room, where you will be able to meet our stunning ladies privately, one by one. Sometimes if we’re having a particularly busy night or if we have a lot of ladies working, this can be an overwhelming experience: the ladies want to make sure you have the chance to meet everyone but they are also conscious of your time (and each other’s time) and don’t want to hold you up or keep you waiting, which is why it sometimes feels like a flurry of shaking hands and trying to remember names. Never fear! We’ve come up with some simple tips to help you make the most out of each introduction:

  1. Try to remember her name
    Each lady will introduce herself by name, so if you see someone you particularly like the look of or get along well with, try to remember her name! It will make it much easier for the receptionist to find her should you want to proceed with a booking, and will avoid disappointment if you meet several girls with similar names (such as Lara, Laura, Lauren…)
  2. If you can’t remember her name, take note of her outfit!
    Not everyone is great with remembering names, so if you’re suddenly dazzled by the woman of your dreams and can’t remember how she introduced herself, take note of what she was wearing! Our receptionists always notice what each lady is wearing throughout their shifts, and will easily be able to find the lady you’re thinking of if you describe her as ‘the brunette in the red dress with the black shoes’ or ‘the blonde wearing blue lace’.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
    The intro room is the place for each lady to introduce themselves to you (hence the name) but it’s also the place for you to ask if the ladies you’re meeting provide the service you’re interested in. Not every lady provides every service, so if there’s something specific you want, make sure you ask now so it’s easy for you to choose which lady you’d like to book!
  4. Our receptionists know the answer to almost anything!
    If you’ve come to visit us looking for a specific lady, or even just a specific kind of lady, let the receptionists know. Our receptionists are award-winning for a reason, and are always happy to let you know when your favourite lady will be working (or available) next, and if there is a certain lady working that evening who has a look that you’re after.
  5. Plan ahead
    Sometimes it’s great to be spontaneous, but if you’re budget- or time-conscious, it can help to have an idea of how much time you have to spend before you come to visit us. You can find out all about our booking lengths and prices on our website, which will help you plan ahead and set aside the money and time you need to enjoy yourself. That way when you come to visit, all you need to worry about is which gorgeous lady you’re going to enjoy yourself with. And if you think you might want to stay a little longer, there’s always the option of an extension…or another visit…

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