If it’s your first time visiting a establishment, or even just your first time visiting The Boardroom, it’s highly likely that you may be a little nervous – after all, treating yourself to the company of a stunning escort isn’t exactly an every day occurrence! Here at The Boardroom, we have a few different booking lengths – thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, and an hour – depending on how long you’d like to stay with the lady of your choice, and between 10am and 6pm every day we even offer twenty minute bookings (for those who want to indulge but might be in a rush!).

While our ladies do tend to offer many of the same services and experiences, each lady is different and as such we recommend speaking to each of them in turn when you arrive if there’s something special that you’re seeking. Not every lady will like to do the same things as the next one, so if you really have your mind set on something – whether it’s wild and kinky or soft and intimate – make sure to ask before booking, or check in with the receptionist if you need a recommendation.

We like to leave it to our ladies to decide whether they offer certain services: kissing is a great example of this. It’s a popular request but not every lady chooses to offer it, so don’t forget to ask before you book and keep in mind that extra charges may apply for some services. There is never any expectation on ladies at The Boardroom to do things they aren’t comfortable with, so when you find a lady who does offer everything you’re looking for, you’ll know she’s doing it because she really wants to – and she’s most likely an expert at it too…

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