Over the past few months we have had a number of our regular clients alert us to the fact that there have been some unusually negative reviews posted about us on Google, and that a number of these reviews seem to have been written to promote visiting other venues instead of ours.

Here at The Boardroom we understand and respect that Melbourne has a fantastically vibrant and diverse adult industry. It’s possibly the best state in Australia to visit if your aim is to check out a variety of adult businesses; but over the twenty years we’ve been operating we have really come to believe in the wonderful feedback we get from our regular clients when they come in to visit us, when they discuss our services online, and when they call to make appointments or book outcalls. We are renowned for having elegant and comfortable rooms that are frequently renovated and upgraded, a fair pricing structure that ensures our ladies are rewarded generously for their time without added cost to you, and professional and caring staff who treat our ladies, clients, and each other with respect and warmth.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our clients, both returning and new, for their patronage and support of our business. We absolutely respect the right of all of our clients to check out Melbourne’s other adult businesses, and look forward to seeing them back at The Boardroom soon for the high-quality experience that we have been perfecting for the last twenty one years – and surely, the next twenty one years as well.

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