We at The Boardroom have been extremely concerned to learn that there is an individual, claiming to work as a manager with us, approaching women on Facebook and inviting them to interview to work with us as a service provider. As a condition of the interview, the woman is asked to either meet the individual at an office in the city or a hotel room, and perform sexual acts with the man ‘interviewing’ them. They are also informed there will be naked photographs taken of them at the interview.

We want to make it extremely clear to our service providers, clients, colleagues, and social media followers that this individual does not work for The Boardroom and the interview process they describe does not reflect the way The Boardroom selects service providers to work with. We will never approach women on social media asking them to work with us (to do so is, in fact, illegal), and at no point will any service provider interviewing at The Boardroom be asked to remove their clothes, have naked photographs taken of themselves, or perform any kind of sexual act on anyone. Our interviews are conducted by female staff at our premises in South Melbourne, and not in a hotel room or in any office in the city.

We are saddened, confused, and very angry to know that there is an individual purposefully misrepresenting our business on social media, and we would be extremely concerned for the personal safety of anyone who proceeded to attend one of these ‘interviews’. Anyone who is found to be impersonating Boardroom staff, misrepresenting our business, and contacting women for the purpose of soliciting work from them is acting outside of the law, and can face immediate and costly legal action. If any of our service providers or social media followers have been contacted by this person, we invite you to contact us immediately and confidentially at reception@boardroom.com.au.

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