In the past few decades, kink has moved from a niche group of sexual tastes to a staple of modern sex work. Brothels from San Francisco to our very own South Melbourne cater to many different kinks. And with good reason, might we add. A kink can really spice up your sex life, which is why we have some spectacular ladies at Boardroom who specialize in sex acts that are a bit beyond the norm. So, if you’re curious as to what kink includes, here’s a sample of the kinks our Boardroom ladies may provide.


Everyday sex can get dull, but you can spice it up with some imagination. You (or your partner) can play a variety of different roles. Some couples even choose the roles of fictional characters from movies, TVshows, anime, or comics. Roleplay is an amazing kink because there are almost no limits to what you can do!


Spanking is a kink most people are familiar with. You can do it the old-fashioned way, with your hand, or spice it up with a cane, a whip, or a sex toy. It gives you a chance to add a bit of pain for that extra thrill during sex. So, if you enjoy some spanking (or getting spanked), Boardroom girls will make your wish come true.

Sex Toys and Gadgets

A brothel worth its salt will always have ladies willing to experiment with sex toys. It’s a common kink that both men and women enjoy, and one that some Boardroom ladies are more than happy to engage in. You can use anything, from dildos and vibrators to butt plugs and anal beads. The great thing about this kink is that you can mix and match it with others easily. You can bring some extra oomph to your roleplaying session if you have a few clamps or a set of dildos at the ready.

Dressing up

They say that clothes make the man; in the bedroom, that applies to anyone. How often did you imagine your partner wearing some sexy lingerie, a uniform? In fact, sometimes she might only wear a jersey and a pair of boxers, and that “bedroom casual” variant is enough to get your sex drive going. Maybe you’re the one who wanted to wear something formal (or informal) during the act. Well, at Boardroom, no outfit is too outlandish for our ladies or our clients.

Domination and Submission

As you can see, not all kink stuff is related to BDSM, but it’s hard to even talk about kink without it. After all, it lets you play out some of the wildest, deepest fantasies that you wouldn’t normally do in everyday life. Are you the dominant type who wants to let his woman know who’s in charge? Maybe you want to experiment with some submissive behaviour instead and let the lady take control? Are you maybe a switch, i.e. someone who likes both sides of the coin? Whatever you choose, some Boardroom ladies may help.

Kink Services at Boardroom

Kink is a very broad term and the list above merely scratches the surface. If you’re interested in exploring a kink of your own, feel free to contact your Boardroom lady of choice and discuss it. But before you do, you need to keep a few details in mind:

  • Make sure to ask for consent. Each of our Ladies has individual tastes, their own dos and don’ts, so please talk to them beforehand about your kink of choice. Please do not insist on a kink that our lady is not comfortable with.
  • Establish rules and limitations. Safewords and phrases are important, especially with kinks that involve a bit of physical pain. Let your Lady know what you’re comfortable with during sex and what she should avoid. We don’t expect you to plan everything out, since that could dispel some of the magic. However, talk everything over with the lady and find some common ground. That way, you will both have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Keep an open mind. Your kink might be hot, but allow our ladies to suggest some changes. And remember, don’t judge them based on their choices; respect is key here at Boardroom, and it goes both ways. We at Boardroom understand that kink is a bit atypical, which is why we encourage inclusion. So, don’t be ashamed of sharing your desires with us. If you open up to us, we’ll make sure it’ll be worth your while.




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