We are lucky enough to have some ladies at The Boardroom who specialise in providing services that are a little kinkier than the norm. While we always recommend speaking to your chosen lady before the booking to make sure she provides the services that you’re interested in; we’ve broken down some of the more common kinks to give a little explainer to those clients who might be curious…

  • Domination and submission  If you spend all day at work telling people what to do, it can be nice to relinquish control once in a while! Experimenting with domination and submission gives you the chance to take a more submissive role to your partner and let them call the shots.
  • Roleplay   Always had a fantasy about being examined by a naughty nurse? How about being pulled over by a sexy police officer? Roleplay is a great way to live out those fantasies that we might not otherwise get to experience in our everyday lives!
  • Dressing up  Maybe you’d like to see the lady of your dreams in a specific set of black, lacy lingerie – or maybe you’d like to be the one to wear it! Wearing a particular costume or piece of clothing for a partner can be a very sexy, intimate experience.
  • Toys  It’s great to bring toys in to the bedroom every now and again! You might want to use a vibrator on your partner, or have them use one on you – or even choose a toy each, and watch each other use them!
  • Spanking   Perfect for anyone who likes a little pain in their pleasure! Whether it’s with a whip, a cane, or simply a hand, spanking is a surprisingly common kink for many people.

These topics are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to kinks and fetishes – the sky really is the limit! If you’d like to explore your kinks during your next booking at The Boardroom, we highly recommend speaking with your favourite lady to see if it’s a service she provides. Of course, consent is key: so before trying anything new in the bedroom, make sure you speak to your partner about what you’re comfortable with, what you’re not comfortable with, and where your boundaries lie.

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