Recently, we have had one or two visitors to The Boardroom who’ve chosen to overstep the boundaries of what is appropriate and legal behaviour when visiting a gentleman’s club, and attempt to take a recording of some of our Boardroom ladies.

While we are aware that the visitors who choose to behave this way are a very small minority compared to our regular member and client base; we want to make it clear that such behaviour will not ever be tolerated at The Boardroom. To take a photo or video recording of any of our staff – including our service providers and reception/management staff – is not only a violation of privacy, but it is against the law. Anyone who visits The Boardroom and behaves in a way that is threatening, demeaning, or violating will be immediately asked to leave the premises and will be referred to the police where appropriate. We at The Boardroom have always been committed to providing a safe, happy, and comfortable place to work and we will always step in to ensure the privacy and safety of our staff when needed.

For our regular clients, we’d like to remind you that when visiting The Boardroom, it is always best etiquette to keep your mobile phone in your pocket or bag, and to not remove it at any point throughout your introduction or booking. This helps our ladies feel much more secure when meeting you, and will ensure they’re totally comfortable and relaxed throughout the booking. In the same way that we appreciate and respect your need for total discretion and privacy, our ladies require the same; and granting them this will ensure both yourself and the lady of your choice have bookings that only leave you with happy memories!

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