Occasionally we are contacted by clients with special needs, who wonder two things: firstly, whether or not our venue is equipped for clients with specific accessibility needs, and secondly, whether special needs or disabled clients are welcome at The Boardroom. The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

The Boardroom is equipped to give a very warm welcome to clients with accessibility and mobility needs, with a ramp entrance and easy access to our ground floor suites, which are large and contain plenty of room to move around. We are also fortunate to have several service providers who are very happy to see clients who have special needs or disabilities; and our waiting rooms are designed for privacy, intimacy, and space, meaning that as you meet our service providers you won’t have to worry about other clients walking past – or in on! – your private conversations.

Of course, we always recommend that if you have any questions about your visit to The Boardroom, you simply give us a call or send us an email and ask! Our reception team handles every enquiry with sensitivity, respect, and the highest confidentiality; and can help you to arrange an appointment with one of our glamorous, sophisticated, and loving ladies either in-house at The Boardroom or at your own apartment or hotel.

If you’ve always been curious to visit a parlour but have been searching for one that is happy to accommodate your needs, we highly suggest you give us a call. The Boardroom proudly welcomes members and clients of all needs and abilities; and we’ll be ready and waiting to welcome you too.

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