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SMH _ARTICLE_The economy, not Tinder, is escorting brothels to the brink

An interesting perspective on the recent debate on the effect of Tinder, and similar services, on the sex industry. Changes in the economy have positive and negative effects on many industries, including the sex industry.  We would love to hear you thoughts on the issue, let us know how you feel. Link...

Misconceptions out there about our industry

One comment we hear a lot from clients who are new to our establishment – and many who are new to the industry – is that we are not at all what they were expecting when they imagined walking in to a brothel. This is something we pride ourselves...

Barcelona opens “Europe’s first” sex doll brothel

An hour with sex doll Katy will cost €80 Photo: Read the full story  

Online forums show thriving illegal sex trade in Melbourne

Online forums show thriving illegal sex trade in Melbourne   Photo Leader Community News 17th Feb 2017 – Link to Article below. Nothing new, forums have been around for a long time in various their various forms, covering both the illegal and Legal sides of the industry. Interesting to note the tone...