Article by Tammy Mills of The Age Newspaper about our case against Google Reviews.

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This month, luxury Melbourne brothel The Boardroom will take Google to federal court. After receiving a series of negative and allegedly false Google Business reviews, the brothel will take the tech giant to court over its refusal to hand over the details of the individuals writing the reviews.

“We believe that the negative, one-star reviews are from a Competitor or a disgruntled person,” says The Boardroom’s owner, Milan. “They often appear within a set time frame after we have received a genuine, positive review from a satisfied client. So we are asking the Federal Court to instruct Google to provide the IP address and identity of the reviewer.”

“If the individual writing the reviews is found to be a competitor, or if all negative reviews are coming from one person, then we will instigate legal action against them seeking damages.”

The Boardroom opened in South Melbourne over twenty years ago, and bills itself as one of Melbourne’s top legal brothels, providing a welcoming space for clients and sex workers alike. “We have a very strong, excellent reputation in the legal brothel industry,” says Milan. “Those clients and sex workers who know us have been very surprised by the negative reviews.”

Milan worries that first-time potential visitors to The Boardroom may be put off by the brothel’s current 3.2 star rating on its Google Business page. “In the future, this may affect how new clients and service providers perceive us, and it may have a detrimental effect on our business by driving clients away from us and towards other Competitors – which is exactly what we believe these negative reviews are trying to achieve.”

Matrix Legal will be handling the case on behalf of The Boardroom, and Milan believes the case could set a precedent for other businesses fighting back against negative reviews. “There are many small businesses out there dealing with negative and potentially false reviews, this is certainly not a problem that only occurs within the adult industry. Our hope is that we are able to remove any reviews that have been made falsely and with the intent to drive clients away from our business, and that other businesses may follow suit as well.”

“If someone has visited The Boardroom and had a negative experience, it is their right to leave an honest review explaining that. We have no problem with clients reviewing us honestly, but we do have a problem if we are receiving dishonest reviews. And if some of the reviews we have received have been written dishonestly, we simply want them removed.”




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