Around this time of year, we know many of our members and clients come to visit us after going out on the town with their friends, work colleagues, or business clients. While it can always be fun to sneak in to see us solo, we definitely understand the appeal of visiting as a group as well! Visiting The Boardroom and spending time with one of our stunning, sexy ladies can be a great way to end an evening, or the perfect way to start one!

You don’t need to plan on taking multiple ladies in to the one booking as a group, either. If you arrive at The Boardroom with some friends, you can all meet the ladies together in one of our private intro rooms, and then separate to spend some one-on-one time with your chosen lady in one of our suites. The more shy members of your group will appreciate a recommendation from the ladies on who they might like to book, and if someone is simply choosing not to participate, they are always welcome to have a coffee in our lounge area and make themselves comfortable as they wait for you.

Some of The Boardroom’s rooms are designed to cater to groups, of course, so if you do want to entertain a group of ladies together, ask about The Retreat – the six-seater spa is always a great time!

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