We often find that people give us a call or send us a message on social media asking about what kind of services our ladies offer, and whether or not their favourite lady is available for a particular kind of service. While we always try to answer as many questions we can about the experience you’ll have when you visit The Boardroom, the best advice we can offer if you’re curious about a lady’s service is to visit us in person and ask her directly.

While all of our ladies love to please, we allow them each to choose what extra services they offer, and when they offer them. A lady’s extra services might change depending on what her client wants, the amount of time allowed in the booking, or any other factor; but no matter what, you’ll know that if a lady does offer extra services, she’s doing so because she really wants to.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk over social media about what services you might be interested in, and we at The Boardroom will never speak on our ladies’ behalf about what they do or don’t provide. So long as everyone is safe, consenting, and happy, then we are too: so next time you’re keen to find out if your favourite lady can help make your fantasy come true, jump in a cab or catch a tram and visit in person. We promise you won’t regret it!

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