Escort Services Resuming Soon

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The Victorian DHHS have updated their Website to allow Escort Only Services to operate again. We are considering commencing the operations of our Escort Services again from July the 1st 2020. We are currently experiencing a high level of inquiries for the service.

Our resuming will depend on some very important considerations -

As reported, Victoria has seen an increase in cases in some areas, we will monitor this as

Above all" - Our goal: To do absolutely everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our staff, service providers and client’s, so everyone can just relax and enjoy their time.”

If you are wanting to book an Escort (Outcall) please email us at with specific details you would like us to arrange. We will then arrange the booking if accepted by the Service Provider.

  • Priority will be given the Boardroom Members and Regular Clients. If you have not visited before you may expect some addition screening processes.
  • All persons will be made aware of our Covid-19 Operations Plan.
  • Not all Service Providers are back on board yet, some still want to hibernate till there is a definite “All Clear” and we can return to normal operations.

Lastly the big question – When will we reopen fully?  We still have no clear timeline when our inhouse services will restart. We’re the same as everyone else, patiently waiting for news as to when we can fully reopen.

If you have questions, please email us at


The Boardroom Team.