We’re frequently asked how we find the service providers/escorts who come to work with us at The Boardroom. While it’s true that we can’t legally advertise to say that we’re looking for new service providers/escorts, we do often have curious women calling or emailing us to ask for more information about working in the adult industry.

Escorting certainly isn’t a job for everyone, and not everyone who walks through our doors goes on to work with us. We specifically look for ladies who are not only physically beautiful, but who are sophisticated, intelligent, know how to have fun, and have a good sense of humour. Ladies who work at The Boardroom will often tell you that being a good listener is certainly an integral part of the job, as well as being open-minded, and having a curiosity to learn about people of all different backgrounds and walks of life. Of course, one of the most important qualities for any woman interested in escorting is a love of pleasure! The Boardroom’s girls know exactly how to please and tease, and are always interested to learn and experiment as much as possible in the bedroom.

The Boardroom has been operating for over twenty years, and in that time we’ve been lucky to work with so many beautiful ladies. We love hearing updates from those ladies who’ve worked with us the past, we just adore the ladies we have working with us currently – and we’re always so excited to see who’ll be walking through our doors next!

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