We believe this is an important message for those of us involved or participating in the Legal Adult Services Industry in Victoria. With this in mind, we are supporting Fiona Patten’s re-election campaign, and we hope you will too.

Victoria is facing a crucial state election in six weeks where religious extremists are looking to set themselves up as the moral police by gaining the balance of power in the state’s upper house. 

We’re doing our best to stop this from happening, and we’re asking you to help. 

We have known the independent Victorian MP, Fiona Patten, for over 20 years. Many of you will remember her as the CEO of Australia’s sex industry association (Eros) before she was elected to the Victorian parliament in 2014. She’s the first former sex worker ever to be elected to a parliament in Australia. 

Her main aim has been to get governments out of people’s bedrooms and their private lives – something we wholeheartedly agree with. Since being head of the Reason Party, she has become known as the most effective independent politician ever in Victoria. She has initiated and guided a dozen major pieces of social legislation into law. These have included:

Decriminalising sex work in Victoria. 
Legalising voluntary assisted dying and then seeing it happen in all states.
Setting up overdose prevention centres.
Setting up safe access zones around abortion clinics. 
Introducing laws around spent convictions, so people charged with minor crimes do not carry that burden for life.

Religious politicians could undo all the good work she has done if they are elected. Can you help Fiona get re-elected by voting or making a donation to her campaign? It doesn’t matter if you live in NSW or Victoria or anywhere in Australia – what goes around comes around! 

Go here to donate and find out more about Fiona Patten.



Follow Fiona on Twitter – @FionaPattenMLC

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