Visiting a brothel with your partner is a common fantasy, and a very exciting one to live out! Here at The Boardroom, we frequently have couples visit us, and many of our ladies really enjoy and look forward to bookings with couples; whether it’s their first, second, or tenth time here! It’s not unusual at all for us to be contacted by men or women who are looking to organise an hour or more with a Boardroom lady as a treat for their partner, whether it’s in a hotel room or in one of our suites here.

When you first make an enquiry with us, one of our reception team will explain the price of the booking, including the lengths of time you can book for and what’s included in that time; and then when you speak with the ladies we have available (in one of our private one-on-one introduction rooms), they’ll ask you if there’s anything you really want to try in the booking – or anything you really want to avoid! If you choose to visit us in-house at The Boardroom, you, your partner, and the lady you book will have full use of one of our suites, including shower facilities. All you need to bring with you is yourself!

In the same way that every couple is different, their wants and needs from a booking are different too. There is never any set process for a booking and there is no pressure to do anything that you or your partner may not be comfortable with, or haven’t agreed upon. For some people, there’s nothing hotter than a wild, no-holds-barred night – and for others, simply having a spa with one of our Boardroom ladies is enough.

Whatever your fantasies are, we can work with you to make them a reality. Drop in to The Boardroom and meet our ladies, or drop us a line over email at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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