Quite a few of our Boardroom ladies are very popular on social media, and we love seeing the things they share about their lives at The Boardroom and at home! However, many of the ladies are quite shy and don’t have social media accounts: the only way to meet them is in person, at The Boardroom!

When you visit The Boardroom, you’ll have the chance to speak to all of our available ladies one-on-one, in one of our private introduction rooms. There, you can introduce yourself and get to know them a little better before you decide who you’d like to spend your time with. Of course, we often have quite a few ladies to choose from each day and night so you can always find a little more information about them on our website before you visit.

If you visit www.boardroom.com.au and go to the ‘All Ladies’ section of the website, you’ll find a description of each lady we have working with us. Some of our ladies also choose to make their social media available here, or to share photos of their faces – but for those who are more private, this is a great way to learn a little more about the prior to visiting The Boardroom in person. Next time you’re trying to decide who to see, why not have a look through our website and learn about the gorgeous, diverse range of ladies we have available? Or you can simply see who takes your fancy when you visit in-person…

Want to know who’s on?

Check out the schedule on our website for availability and make a booking now!

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