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As receptionists working in Melbourne’s top legal brothel, The Boardroom, we often hear questions from people who are interested in what our job is “really” like!

One of the most common questions we get is about the kind of ladies who work with us at The Boardroom. People are always eager to hear what they’re like, whether we get along, and how exactly we choose ladies to work with us!

While we would never reveal any personal details about the ladies to anyone, we can say that we all get along and that coming to work is like catching up with friends. In this way, we’re not too different from co-workers at any other job—we talk about our lives, discuss what we did on the weekend, and gossip about the latest happenings on reality television. 

But how we select ladies to work with us is probably one of the most interesting aspects of our job, so we thought we’d tell you a bit about what the ‘interview process’ looks like at The Boardroom, and why the ladies choose to work with us.

Firstly, interviews are pretty informal—nobody needs to bring a resume! Ideally, we like ladies to call us and set up a time to come in and meet with us to make sure we’re not too busy with clients and have a staff member available to talk to them. But it’s just as easy for ladies to come in whenever it suits them; we’re not too fussy about this.

When a lady arrives, we’ll introduce ourselves and then sit down with her and answer any questions about working with us. If a lady has never worked in the adult industry before, she might have a lot of questions—we’re more than happy to answer all of them!

Our goal is always to make sure that ladies feel comfortable choosing to work with us and confident that they know how The Boardroom is run. We spend as much time answering questions and explaining processes to have a complete picture of what it’s like to work with us.

If a lady has worked in the industry before, she may not have as many questions—in that case, we still explain things like our structure, how our intro rooms work, and how often we like ladies to be available at The Boardroom. We’re very understanding about ladies who have outside commitments like study, family, and other jobs—so we’re always happy to be flexible and work with them. 

Ideally, we like ladies to come in for a few days or nights every week. At the moment, we’ve noticed we’re sadly turning away many clients at night because we require more ladies than are scheduled, so, for this reason, we’re always excited to meet ladies who want to work nights! (We joke that if a lady comes in who only wants to work nights, she suddenly becomes very popular!)

We will show her around The Boardroom and see what our place looks like from behind the scenes. We don’t have a lot of strict rules about dress code, only that the chosen outfits show their personality. We encourage personal style here!

Once the lady is confident that she’d like to work with us, we confirm the date that she’s first available and then make a profile for her on the website based on the information she’s given us. (Some ladies are very private and don’t like to be featured on the website, but many do!) We find that when clients see a new lady on the website, they want to book her immediately and start calling us to find out when she’s available. New ladies are often surprised to hear that they have a few clients wanting to meet them by the time they start their first shift.

During the lady’s first shift, we always keep an eye on her to make sure she understands everything that’s going on and that she’s happy, comfortable, and not feeling overwhelmed. We often ask one of our more experienced ladies to partner up with a brand new lady and give her the kind of advice that only another working lady can offer. Although we have to say, all of our staff and working ladies are really friendly—we like to think that we’re a very welcoming and kind workplace and that a new lady can ask anyone for help. We know there aren’t many brothels that can say the same thing, but we really believe it’s true at The Boardroom!

So that’s a bit of information about what it’s like to interview ladies in a legal brothel! We’re curious to know if you have any other questions about what it’s like to work at The Boardroom—are there any other parts of our job you’d like us to talk about?

Leave a comment below, or follow us on Twitter and tweet us a question. We’re keen to find out more about what you’d like to know from us!

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