We often get asked how we find the ladies who work with us at The Boardroom. Unfortunately, we can’t advertise looking for service providers and working ladies: so those who work with us have come to us through word of mouth! We’re pretty proud that over the twenty years we’ve been operating, we have established a reputation as being a kind, fair, and professional place to work at that attracts respectful and generous clientele.

Of the ladies who work with us, some have worked in the industry before at other parlours or as private workers, but there are many who haven’t! Our team is always more than happy to offer advice and help to those who are working for the first time with us. We’re also proud that our ladies are a very diverse group: we have a great mix of university students, young professionals, and even some mothers working with us. Our ladies come from all over Australia – and indeed all over the world!

We’re always excited to meet ladies new to The Boardroom, and our award-winning reception team and warm, friendly group of ladies loves to welcome newcomers. We encourage any ladies seeking information on the adult industry in Melbourne to give us a call on 03 9699 1711.

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