Every first-time visitor to a brothel or parlour has countless questions about the experience they’re about to have, but we know quite a few people find themselves wondering one simple thing: what do I wear? You might imagine a gentleman’s club to be a high-class establishment where only suits and ties are welcome, but don’t stress – as classy as we are, we want you to be comfortable, too!

When getting ready for a booking at The Boardroom, we simply recommend you wear something clean and comfortable! Whether you’re in your standard jeans and a polo shirt, coming to us straight from work in a shirt and trousers, or keeping it comfy on the weekend in a t-shirt and shorts; all that matters is that you feel comfortable and fresh. We can guarantee our ladies only care about what’s on the inside, not the outside!

That having been said, we always recommend keeping on top of your hygiene: although you will be invited to use the showers in our suites when you arrive, you can also go the extra mile by freshening up a little before you leave home or work. The cleaner you are, the closer our ladies will want to get – so don’t be afraid to grab the deodorant, spritz on a bit of cologne, and pop a breathmint as you walk in!

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