While it’s well-known that you can walk in to The Boardroom at any time and meet an array of stunning ladies, and you can call up to have lady meet you at your apartment or hotel, we also offer our clients the option to make an appointment with a lady and see her in-house, in one of our beautiful suites. We know that it’s not always possible to organise a hotel room for the evening or the day, and we understand that if you’re short on time or just determined to see a particular lady, it can be frustrating to walk in and find out that the lady of your choice isn’t available at the time.

As soon as you know when you’d like to visit and who you’d like to see, give us a call! On busy nights you can guarantee yourself the VIP treatment by making a booking ahead of time and walking straight in, skipping the waiting rooms, and having your favourite escort take you straight upstairs. We may even be able to reserve your favourite room, which means that you could soon be floating on cloud nine in the Midnight Suite, or sinking in to the famous spa in The Retreat.

Next time you feel that urge to get away and pamper yourself, make sure that the first phonecall you make is to us. We could be fluffing the pillows and turning down the lights right as you walk in the door!

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