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Unless you’ve made a booking with a specific lady, you’ll be introduced to all of the ladies available when you visit The Boardroom. For those who’ve never been before, this is the perfect chance to meet the ladies who are working and see what all the fuss is about – and for those who are returning, it can be a good way to meet the ladies you haven’t seen yet (and say hello to the ones you have!). However, we know it can be overwhelming having a parade of beautiful women walk in to greet you, one after the other: so for those who find themselves a bit flummoxed in the intro room, this guide is for you!

 We always recommend paying good attention to the ladies you meet, and taking the time to remember the names of those you may want to see for a booking. If you’re terrible with names (as many of us are), keep an eye out for the colour of their dress or the style of their hair. When the receptionist comes in to speak with you after all of the ladies have said hello, you’ll have a much better chance of finding your dream girl if you can say that you really liked the ‘girl in the black dress’ or the ‘girl with the red ponytail’ – even if you can’t remember her name!

 The intro is also the best place to check with the ladies you like about whether they offer the service you’re seeking. If there’s something really specific you’re looking for, discreetly ask the lady if it’s something she’s happy to provide. If it is, she’ll let you know: but if it’s not a service she offers, she might be able to recommend another lady who does offer it.

 Lastly, our reception team are there to help, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you have any questions. They want you to have a good time as much as you want to have a good time: so smile, put your best foot forward (literally), and if all else fails: one of our trusty receptionists will be able to come to the rescue!

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