On any given night, most of our ladies will be available for outcalls, and always love getting to step out and go on an adventure! It’s really exciting to have a favourite – or new – lady join you at home or in a hotel. But how do you organise an outcall? What do you need to know before you call? We’ll explain everything.

  • Decide on how long you would like the lady to join you for. It’s always exciting having company for a few hours, but we encourage you to plan within your budget so you can enjoy the night without stress. When you call our reception team on 03 9699 1711, they can explain our pricing structure and help you make the most out of your time.
  • Figure out the location. We offer outcalls to most hotels and apartment buildings within the CBD and surrounds, but always call us to double-check that we can visit you. If you’re in an apartment; make sure you have the whole place to yourself for the night, with no interruptions – and consider doing a little tidying and having a fresh towel for the lady before she arrives.
  • Choose who you’d like to see! If you have a favourite Boardroom lady, you might be eager to have her visit you: but if you’re keen to meet someone new, or have never made a booking with The Boardroom before, our reception team can recommend someone to you. When you call, tell us a little bit about your ideal lady (her personality, her service, her looks…) and we can suggest someone we know you’ll adore.
  • Enjoy yourself! Once you’ve chosen a lady and agreed on a time, we’ll let you know how long it will take for her to arrive. We’ll keep an eye on the time so you can both enjoy yourselves, but if you’re simply having too much fun and want her to stay longer, let us know as soon as you can. We know you’ll be very tempted to spend the whole night together…

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