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We’re all guilty of rushing home and getting straight in front of the television, but a recent article in the Wall Street Journal has suggested that streaming services like Netflix and Stan might actually be killing our sex lives. Apparently, many of us are choosing a night in front of the television over a romp between the sheets: and when couples do sit down together for a Netflix and chill session, one or both people can find themselves simply falling asleep.

 While we’re definitely big fans of marathoning a series or getting in to a good film, we can’t imagine why anyone would choose TV over sex! With our lives as busy as they are these days, we should appreciate any time we can find to get intimate with our favourite squeeze. We think you should grab any opportunity to get busy while you can – TV can wait!

 Of course, if you’re finding that you’re spending nights alone in front of the screen without anyone to couple up with, a visit to The Boardroom might hold the cure for what ails you. Drop in on your way home from work to spend an hour or two getting intimate with one of the sexy and sensual ladies you can meet here, and then the rest of the night is yours to do whatever you want – especially it involves watching every episode of your favourite show.

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