One comment we hear a lot from clients who are new to our establishment – and many who are new to the industry – is that we are not at all what they were expecting when they imagined walking in to a brothel. This is something we pride ourselves on: our business has been established for over twenty years, and we go to all lengths to consistently provide an environment that is enjoyable, respectful, and safe for our clients, working ladies, and staff members. So, no: this may not be what someone is expecting if they have never stepped foot in to a legally-run gentlemen’s club before.

Sadly there are a lot of misconceptions out there about our industry. The media does tend to present a view of sex work that is skewed towards the negative, but we’re confident in saying that our reception staff are professional, responsible, and extremely skilled, and our ladies work in an environment that supports their health, independence, and right to choose – whether it’s choosing what to wear, what kind of service to provide, or which clients she may or may not see. While we hope that every brothel in Melbourne takes a similar approach, we know that our approach to supporting and caring for our working ladies is what sets us apart from many. Whenever you visit the Boardroom, you can rest assured that you’ll be spending time with a working lady who really wants to see you, and who has made her own choice in doing so.

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