Online forums show thriving illegal sex trade in Melbourne

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Online forums show thriving illegal sex trade in Melbourne


Photo Leader Community News 17th Feb 2017 – Link to Article below.

Nothing new, forums have been around for a long time in various their various forms, covering both the illegal and Legal sides of the industry. Interesting to note the tone of the writer when referring to the “grubby brothel regulars”. It certainly shows the regard she has for these people and an attitude to the Industry. Is she just referring to the clients of the illegals or to the Legal Brothel clients as well? You’ll have to decide.

Its fare to say  we have seen a few characters in our time, this however is something that I would also say is very rare now days. The majority of the clients are very well presented and respectful of the Service Providers and the business. They come from all walks of life and don’t fit into any particular  category except that are over 18, mostly male and a few couples every now and then.

The article spells out that there are illegal operators out there and you should be aware that the services they offer are illegal. Many of the customers of these places are not aware that they are illegal and this in it’s self is a problem for the Legal Brothels when these people visit and ask for services that are unhygienic and unsafe. In particular unsafe sex.

Then there is the  obvious price difference between the illegal and legal business’s. The illegals operate on a much lower standard of OH&S. Many not even using the appropriate materials as a minimum required by OH&S. Some with no provision of showers and properly laundered towels etc.

It’s a very profitable business for the illegals they don’t have any of the overheads and controls that are applied to the legal component of the Industry.  Broadly speaking you can see them opening up all over the place. When they get identified they just move to a new location and start all over again. Their growth through out Australia has been gaining  momentum due to their ease of operating with out any serious hindrance.

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