All visitors to The Boardroom know that there’s one thing we believe is a very important part of the service our ladies offer: safer sex. While some of our ladies are occasionally asked whether they offer unprotected or ‘natural’ services, The Boardroom will always recommend that protection is used for all sexual services: not only because it’s following Victorian law, but also because it means that neither our ladies nor our clients need to worry about anything other than having a good time during the booking.

Also in accordance with Victorian law, our ladies get a sexual health check-up every three months (and sometimes more frequently, for their own peace of mind). We’re proud to work with ladies who prioritise their own sexual and physical health, and in turn, make their clients’ health a priority too.

For over twenty years, The Boardroom has had a reputation of being one of Melbourne’s most exclusive, high-class gentlemen’s clubs and part of that reputation comes from the safer service we offer to our clients. So rest assured: when you visit us at The Boardroom, we’ll always play it safe.

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