As we move in to the warmer months, we notice things really do get a lot busier for us at The Boardroom. We see an increase in ladies coming to work with us, and we also notice a lot more gentlemen coming in through our doors. What does this mean? Well, for anyone who is short on time, has a specific room they would like to use, or has a certain lady they’d like to see, we would recommend one thing: making a booking!

Calling ahead of time, even if it’s just an hour or two before you come to visit, means we can advise you which ladies are working that evening, and when the lady (or ladies) of your choice are available. We can also help you make an appointment, which means that you’re guaranteed to have a room ready and waiting for you when you arrive, and the lady of your choice waiting to take you upstairs. During particularly busy times, this means you can ‘jump the queue’ and avoid waiting – definitely a blessing if you’re short on time, like many of us are at this time of year!

Of course, if you’re more of the spontaneous type and would rather come to visit at your leisure, we’ll never turn you away! On the occasion that there is a wait for a room or for a particular lady, you’re more than welcome to make yourself comfortable in our lounge and have a cup of coffee or a cool drink while you wait. Our ladies are always around and always more than happy to spend time with gentlemen as they wait in the lounge.

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