We hear occasionally from our ladies that they are asked about providing unprotected – or ‘natural’ – sexual services. It’s also a question that we are sometimes asked by clients: do ladies at The Boardroom provide services without the use of a condom? Sometimes a gentleman might be hoping to hear that she does – or reassured to hear that she doesn’t!

At The Boardroom, we recommend using protection for all sexual services. It’s just fair play and good practice to make sure that during the booking, neither yourself or the lady you visit will have anything on their mind other than what a fantastic time they’re having. To that end, all of our gorgeous Boardroom ladies undergo full medical checks every three months, in accordance with Victorian law, and often more frequently for their own peace of mind.

We’re proud to employ ladies who take the time to care for themselves, and we know that when you come in to meet our ladies you’ll be meeting a select group of girls who prioritise their health at all times, whether it’s physical, mental, or sexual. Safer sex is a small but important part of what you can expect when you visit The Boardroom, and respecting our ladies’ wishes to use protection will ensure that after the booking, all you’re left with is a wonderful memory.

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