Some Boardroom etiquette tips!

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We know most people don’t associate etiquette with visiting a brothel or parlour, but like any other social outing or engagement there are always a few tips you should follow when visiting The Boardroom. Below are our top four Boardroom etiquette tips!

1. Boardroom ladies are known for being open-minded and always eager to please, but like any other woman you may meet in a social or romantic setting, they deserve your respect and tender touch. Don’t be afraid to let the lady take the lead and make suggestions throughout your time with her – all of our ladies are experts on what feels good for them and for you, so you just might find she has a thing or two to show you if you let her!

2. If you’ve made a booking at The Boardroom in advance, keep an eye on your watch throughout the day and give us a call if you’re running late! This will help the reception team plan around your arrival and will mean that the lady you’ve booked isn’t left wondering where you are. Likewise, at the end of the booking, we’ll always make sure you’re out on time by giving you enough time to shower, dress, and refresh before you leave.

3. There aren’t many things that you can’t talk to a Boardroom lady about, but some of our ladies are more private and prefer not to discuss things like their family, their living arrangements, and their study or jobs. In the same way that we respect your privacy and discretion when you visit us, our ladies appreciate the same care shown towards themselves.

4. Management and reception at The Boardroom always recommend practising safer sex, and we make sure that all of our ladies have the resources to educate themselves on safer sexual health practises. To avoid offence, we don’t suggest asking the lady to remove the condom during your booking. Safer sex is recommend not only for your health, but for the lady’s – and to ensure that the only thing you have to worry about after the booking is when you can come back to visit again!


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