The Boardroom has been operating for over twenty years, and in that time we’ve seen and heard many myths about our industry! Over the next two weeks, we’ll aim to debunk some of those myths and try to demystify our corner of the adult industry. Here are some of the more common things we hear – but if you’ve heard anything you’d like clarified, tweet us at @boardroom_melb and we may even answer it in an upcoming blog!

MYTH: Visiting a brothel is against the law
FACT: Visiting a brothel is totally legal! Here in Victoria it is legal to visit a brothel, work in a brothel, and run a brothel. The Boardroom is a completely legal business and operates with full support of the law, just like any other business: whether it’s your local corner shop or a huge conglomerate in the CBD.

MYTH: Only sleazy guys would visit a brothel
FACT: Totally untrue. We have men (and some women!) from all walks of life come to visit us. Some of them are high-flying CEOs, some are hard-working manual labourers, but all of them are the kind of regular blokes you would meet and interact with on any given day. Some visit us because they don’t have time to date or meet women in the traditional way, others because they want to explore a fantasy or allow themselves to be pampered: but there’s nothing sleazy or untoward about wanting to visit a brothel.

MYTH: Girls don’t really want to work in a brothel
FACT: All of the ladies who work with us at The Boardroom are here because they have chosen to be. We select our ladies carefully and make sure that only those who have a real passion for and interest in sexuality and pleasure come to work with us, and if you speak with any of our ladies they’ll be happy to tell you how much they enjoy their work! We like to give our ladies as much choice and freedom as possible, which is why they are the ones who choose their services, outfits, and working hours.

MYTH: I can catch something if I visit a brothel
FACT: It’s probably more likely for the average person to come in to contact with an STI if they meet someone at a bar, club, or on a dating app rather than at a brothel. All of our ladies undergo regular sexual health testing, in accordance with Victorian law, and it’s a requirement of visiting The Boardroom that a condom is worn for all sexual services. Our ladies are supplied with everything they need to become fully informed and educated in sexual health, so neither you nor them need to worry.

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