Here at The Boardroom, we offer booking lengths of all sorts. For those who may be in a rush or simply fancy a simple but sexy experience, we offer booking lengths of half an hour or forty-five minutes. And of course, our most popular booking length is the hour: enough time to do everything you want, but it’ll still leave you wanting more…

If you’re interested in spending a longer amount of time with your chosen lady, the sky is really the limit. Many of our clients book for two or even three hours, so don’t be afraid to ask for some more time if you don’t think an hour will be quite long enough. And of course, once the booking has begun, you can always ask for an extension: simply let the lady know and she can inform the reception team.

If you’re visiting during the day and you’re really short on time, you might want to take advantage of our twenty-minute special between 10am and 6pm. For only $170, you can spend twenty hot minutes with a Boardroom lady of your choice: we think it’s the perfect lunchbreak or midday treat. We guarantee you’ll be going back to your office with a giant smile on your face!

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