Here at The Boardroom, we are always maintaining and upgrading our gorgeous rooms to ensure that your visit with us is as private, comfortable, and luxurious as possible. It’s true that once you come in and get settled in one of our rooms, you may have trouble pulling yourself away – but we also offer outcalls for those nights you really don’t feel like leaving your apartment or hotel, and many of our ladies do enjoy the adventure of leaving The Boardroom to visit a client in entirely different surrounds!

Many people imagine that you need a five star hotel suite in order to entertain one of our ladies, but that isn’t quite the case. While safety precautions do mean that we have to be selective about where we send our ladies, we’re more than open-minded when it comes to hearing your ideas and in the past have had our ladies accompany clients out to dinner, to sporting events and concerts, and even to the casino, which is just a few short minutes away in a taxi.

We know exactly what it’s like: sometimes you’re in town for work and just wish you had some fun and glamorous social company for dinner, sometimes you wind up with an extra ticket to a concert you’ve been waiting to see and don’t want to go alone, and sometimes you’re on a night out with some mates and find yourselves wishing that you had some ladies to accompany you. If you find yourself in that situation: give us a call! The Boardroom’s ladies are chosen for their sophistication, sense of fun, personality, intelligence, and good looks. You can never go wrong taking one of our girls out on the town – or inviting her in for the night!

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