One of our goals at The Boardroom is to always keep the premises looking and feeling like a five-star hotel. We know that our members and clients want to visit a space that’s comfortable yet luxurious, and classy yet welcoming, so we’re constantly working to make sure that visiting The Boardroom is a five-star experience from the moment you walk in the door.

Whether it’s the warm welcome you receive from our award-winning reception team or the comfortable, private introduction rooms that allow you to have a one-on-one chat with our ladies prior to your booking, we want you to feel like a VIP every time you visit.

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a booking, you’ll be shown through our lounge, where you can grab a water, coffee, or soft drink before heading upstairs with the lady of your choice. When you’ve made yourself comfortable in one of our six suites, you’ll find freshly-laundered towels, personal grooming kits in each bathroom, and a steaming hot shower waiting for you. We also have elegant, spacious, and accessible suites on the ground floor for those clients with special mobility needs.

After your booking, you may want to have another drink in the lounge downstairs while you wait for your taxi to arrive – just let our receptionists know and they’ll be able to call one for you. And don’t forget to take one of our business cards on the way out: you can even write down the name of the lady you saw on the back of it, to make sure you don’t forget before your next visit.

When you visit The Boardroom, we want to make sure you have a five-star experience – every time!

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