It’s often thought that only men would come to The Boardroom, but that’s not entirely true! Believe it or not, many couples choose to pay us a visit, and some single women as well. For a couple who are interested in inviting a third person in to the bedroom, but are looking to do so in a secure and no-strings-attached environment, visiting an escort can be a fantastic option. Not only are you placing yourselves in the hands of a professional – someone who loves pleasing people so much that they do it for a living! – but you’re indulging a common fantasy shared by many couples. A secret rendezvous with a sexy and glamorous escort is high up on many couples’ bucket lists! Likewise, for a single woman who is curious to indulge a fantasy but not sure where to begin, visiting an escort can be empowering and enlightening. Having a first-time experience with another woman who is dedicated to pleasing you is almost life-changing for many women who try it.

If you have thought about visiting an escort, whether as part of a couple or as a single woman, why not give us a call? The Boardroom’s award-winning reception staff are known for their discretion, caring, and understanding; and our luxurious, five-star premises allows you to meet our ladies one-on-one and have a private conversation before choosing to make a booking. You might just be turning a life-long fantasy in to the memory of a lifetime…

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