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A week or two ago, we received a message from one of our social media followers asking if it was still okay for them to visit The Boardroom even though they were a virgin. It was a very good question – so good that we’ve decided to talk about it here!

The answer is yes: The Boardroom is happy to welcome clients of all experience levels, so long as they are over the age of eighteen! We completely understand why someone seeking their first sexual experience would want to have it at a parlour, as well. When you visit The Boardroom and spend some time with one of our ladies, you’re placing yourself in the hands of someone who’s open-minded, experienced, and loves to explore pleasure! You’re also making sure that you don’t have to worry about your sexual health the morning after, because all of our ladies undergo sexual health check-ups every three months (in accordance with Victorian law) and use condoms for each service.

For someone wanting to have their ‘first time’, it can be a lot of pressure to go out and try to meet someone to share the experience with. At The Boardroom, you can meet each of the elegant, smart, and fun ladies we have working with us, and speak to them one-on-one before you choose who you’d like to spend some time with. We also highly recommend telling the lady you choose that it is your first time: that way, she’ll be able to make sure the experience is as special as possible for you – and hopefully, one you want to repeat with us again!


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