Whether you’re in a suit at an office, working from home, or on the tools at a job site, you’ve probably faced the same problem as every other working professional: you’ve had a day where you just don’t feel like you’re quite up to scratch. Maybe you’ve missed a deadline, forgotten to order something important, or you just can’t get over the 3:00pm slump – whatever it is, we’ve all been there! Well, one small town in Sweden had a novel answer to this issue, and it turns out it’s even backed by science.

 A council member in the town of Overtornea proposed that all working people receive a fully-paid, hour-long break in the middle of the day to have sex. The member said he believed that sex was a great form of exercise and also had positive effects on employee well-being – I don’t think any of us can argue with that!

 While this particular suggestion might seem novel, it does have a scientific backing. According to a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, having sex does make you happier and more productive at work: the release of ‘love hormones’ like oxytocin and dopamine meant that employees who got lucky at night experienced a 5% increase in mood the next day. In common language, staff who had good sex, and plenty of it, felt better about going in to work than staff who didn’t.

 So next time you’re struggling to get through the working day, may we suggest a visit to the Boardroom for a well earned break or try planning a few hours in the evening with one of the ladies at the Boardoom. You just might find that going back to work is lot less stressfull! 

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