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We absolutely adore the incredible women who make up The Boardroom team, and we’re always eager to welcome fresh faces and chat with anyone curious about dipping their toes into the adult industry! We feel fortunate that, over the past twenty-seven years, The Boardroom has earned a reputation as a vibrant, fair, and safe workplace, offering fantastic financial opportunities and flexible schedules for all our lovely ladies.

Our team at The Boardroom is a melting pot of life’s diversity: some bring experience from the adult industry, while many come from all backgrounds! We’ve got students, professionals in other fields, folks taking a hiatus from their careers for a bit of fun, and even moms looking to spice up their days while the kids are at school!

Here at The Boardroom, we celebrate diversity with open arms and welcome women from every corner of the globe, whether they hail from Australia, Asia, or Africa! While there aren’t many hoops to join our team, we’ve noticed that those who thrive with us take pride in how they present themselves, love connecting with new people, and have an open-minded view of pleasure and sexuality! Our clients often sing praises about the ladies who bring a great sense of humour, know how to help others unwind, and radiate kindness and confidence.

The Boardroom has built a stellar reputation in Melbourne and worldwide for over two and a half decades. We want to send out a big, heartfelt thank you to all our past and present ladies for helping us reach this incredible milestone!

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