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We adore the ladies who work with us at The Boardroom, but we always enjoy meeting new ones and speaking with ladies who are curious about working in the adult industry! We feel really lucky that over the twenty four years that The Boardroom has been open, we’ve developed a reputation for being a fun, fair, and safe workplace, with great financial incentives and flexible working hours for all of our working ladies.

The women who work at The Boardroom really do come from all walks of life: some have worked in the adult industry before, but many have not! Some are students, some work full-time in other jobs and industries, some are taking a career break and looking to have a bit of fun in their time off work, and some are mothers spicing up their days while the kids are at school!

The Boardroom celebrates diversity and welcomes ladies from all corners of the globe, whether it’s Australia, Asia, or Africa! There are very few requirements to become a Boardroom lady, but the ladies who find the most success working with us are those who put a lot of effort into their personal appearance, love meeting new people and having fun, and keep an open mind about pleasure and sexuality! Our clients will also say that their favorite ladies are those who have a good sense of humor, know how to help people relax, and have a sense of kindness and confidence about them.

For over two decades The Boardroom has enjoyed a great Global reputation and especially in Melbourne. We would like to thank all of our working ladies – past and present – for making this so!

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