We hear sometimes from our ladies that some gentlemen begin a booking at The Boardroom with one not-so-simple request: “Surprise me!”. Sometimes a man might ask this because he’s eager to try something new but isn’t quite sure exactly what, or because he knows exactly what he wants to try but is feeling shy, and hoping the lady will be able to guess what he may be interested in. Guessing isn’t so easy, and one person’s idea of a nice surprise might be another person’s biggest turn-off; so we put together a list of some sexy and naughty things you may want to try next time you come to visit…

  1. Costumes
    Boardroom ladies love to dress up; in fact, we have a monthly dress-up evening in which every lady wears her best costume or fantasy outfit (think naughty nurses, sexy schoolgirls, dominant police officers…). If there’s a fantasy you’ve always wanted to live out, ask the lady of your choice if she has (or can get) a costume to go along with it!
  2. Toys
    It’s true that most of our Boardroom ladies have a little bag of tricks tucked away in their locker, but they don’t always get to come out and play as much as each lady may like. If you’ve always wondered what it might be like to use a toy (or two, or three…) in the bedroom, there’s no time like the present to ask!
  3. Double trouble
    A threesome has to be pretty high up on most men’s list of sexual fantasies, and The Boardroom is the perfect place to make that fantasy come true. Many of our ladies have friends they love to have bookings with, and some are genuinely bisexual which means there’s no faking their attraction to another woman. If you have a favourite lady you enjoy coming to see, ask if she has a friend she’d like to bring in to the booking one day. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results…

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