Many of our regular clients love to come and visit us in-house at The Boardroom, but we also have just as many who enjoy treating themselves by having one of our ladies visit them at their home or hotel room. For those who’ve always come to visit us but have been curious about exactly what goes on during an escort booking, read on!

1. You choose a lady – or we help you choose!
If you have a specific lady you’d like to have visit you, simply call up and let our reception team know! Otherwise, they will be more than happy to recommend a lady to you based on your preferences. If you like a particular kind of look, or are wanting a certain service, let us know when you call so we can help choose the perfect lady for you. Otherwise, you can come to visit us and meet all the ladies we have working that night, and then choose one to accompany you back to your hotel or apartment!

2. She’ll get ready, and make her way over to you!
We’ll give your chosen lady a little time to get ready, and choose an occasion-appropriate outfit, like an elegant cocktail dress or a classy skirt and top. Our ladies are very respectful of your privacy and discretion, and understand how important it is that they fit in when they visit whatever venue you’ve chosen, whether it’s a hotel, private apartment, or even a restaurant or bar. Rest assured, your chosen lady will arrive wearing something stylish and sexy, but most importantly classy and elegant.

3. She’ll help you take care of business before you get down to pleasure
Escort bookings can cost more than in-house bookings, due to the added cost of a driver and security. Rest assured, when you speak to our reception staff they will explain the full cost of the booking to you, and make sure you know how long you get to keep the company of your chosen lady, and exactly what you can do in that time. We recommend you have the correct amount of cash ready to give to the lady when she arrives: she’ll quickly count it and then you can both forget about the serious stuff, and get down to having fun!

4. We’ll let you know when your time has come to an end
To make sure neither you or your lady have to worry about anything other than having fun, we’ll keep an eye on the time and give your lady a call ten minutes before the end of the booking. If you think you may want to extend, let her know as soon as possible – otherwise, you’ll be able to shower, freshen up, bid each other a fond farewell, and start looking forward to her next visit…

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