We’re asked often by visitors to The Boardroom – especially first-time visitors – exactly what kind of ladies they may meet when they arrive. It’s a good question, especially considering that many of the media portrayals of escorts are unflattering, untrue, and downright unfair.

At The Boardroom, about the only thing all of our ladies have in common is that we think they’re all gorgeous! Beyond that, every girl is completely different to the next and probably totally different to what you might expect. We have girls of all different ages, from those new to the industry to those who prove that life really does begin at thirty – or forty! Our girls come from all backgrounds, and while many are Australian we also have heaps of sexy and stunning international ladies, from Europe, Asia, and North and South America.  Some ladies balance their work at The Boardroom with study, some sneak in one or two shifts a week to work around another job, and others love the industry so much that they just can’t stay away! And if you think that’s a lot of diversity, try having a chat to the girls about their hobbies, passions, and what they get up to in their spare time – you may find you have something in common, and you’ll definitely learn a thing or two!

All ladies at The Boardroom are chosen to work with us because of their striking looks, intelligence, personality, charm, sophistication, and sense of humour. We consider ourselves lucky to have such a fantastic group; and equally fortunate to be highly regarded among ladies as a place that is fun to work at, treats people fairly, and provides a safe and supportive environment for everyone who walks through the doors.

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