We frequently give you tips and suggestions of what to do at The Boardroom, but sometimes it helps to have a refresher on what not to do. We know most of our clients are very well-behaved – but for anyone curious, or in need of a reminder, here are some things we strongly advise against doing!

  • Don’t arrive under the influence!

If you’ve had a big night out, it can be really tempting to give in to your animal urges and come for a wander down to The Boardroom: but if you’re heavily intoxicated, it’s probably not the most sensible thing to do. We want you to remember the time you spend with us, and to be able to fully enjoy it with all of your senses engaged, and alcohol can often work against your memory and all of your senses. By all means, have a beer or wine before you arrive, but if you’ve had a big night out, we suggest coming to visit us the morning after as a hangover cure.

  • Don’t forget that our ladies have lives of their own

It’s so easy to feel comfortable speaking with our ladies, especially if you may have seen them over the course of a few bookings. But just like we value your privacy and discretion, we ask the same of you when it comes to our ladies. All of our ladies have lives outside of work, and many like to keep their work lives separate. Privacy-conscious ladies probably won’t want to talk about where they live or study, if they have another job, or their friends and family; so please respect each lady’s individual boundaries and don’t push topics of conversation that may make them uncomfortable.

  • Don’t leave your manners at the door

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible at The Boardroom, but we also want our ladies and reception staff to feel comfortable too. As The Boardroom is a gentlemen’s club, we simply ask everyone behave like gentlemen when they visit: showing respect and courtesy to all of our staff, from the receptionist who takes your booking to the lady who makes you a coffee while you wait for your taxi afterwards. There’s no need to put on any airs and graces, but a ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and a smile always go a long way!

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