Boardroom Room

If you’ve never visited a parlour before – or if it’s been quite some time since you have visited – you may feel a little nervous wondering what to expect from the experience! Once you walk in the door, will there be a swarm of girls everywhere? When do you pay? Will you be able to shower? Will you get lost on your way out of the room? (Hopefully not!) To put those fears to rest, we’ve outlined just what will happen the first time you visit us:

  • On arrival, you’ll speak first to one of our receptionists who will show you to a private, one-on-one introduction room. You’ll be able to refresh your memory on the costs before you sit down, and can ask the receptionists any pressing questions you’d like answered before you meet our ladies.
  • The ladies will come through and introduce themselves to you, one-by-one. This is a great time to ask them any questions about their service or what they enjoy, to help you decide on who you’d like to spend time with.
  • The receptionist will return after all of the available ladies have visited, and you can let her know who you’d like to see. If you can’t remember the name of the lady (there are often a lot of them!), remembering her dress or hair colour will help the receptionist find who you’re looking for. Once the receptionist knows who you’d like to see, they will take your payment and show you through in to the lounge.
  • The lady will collect you as soon as you enter the lounge, and take you upstairs to a private suite. There are showers and bath products in each room, and once you’ve freshened up, the real fun can begin!
  • At the end of the booking, the lady will invite you to shower again before you dress and head back to the real world. If you’ve had a particularly wonderful experience, don’t be afraid to ask the lady when she’s working next – it’s never to early to plan your next visit!

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