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One of the most common questions asked of our reception team is, 'What's in the deluxe service?'. Especially if you follow some of The Boardroom ladies on Twitter, you'll see lots of references to their Deluxe services, and some may even give you a few hints about what's available.

We don't decide what the ladies offer in their Deluxe services: we let them choose for themselves. This way, you know that whatever they're offering, they're offering because they really want to do it with you: not because we've told them to.

When you visit The Boardroom, make sure to ask the ladies you meet what's included in their Deluxe service, so you can get a good idea of what's possible before you go in to the booking! Alternately, if there's something you really enjoy, don't hesitate to ask the ladies if they offer that service, or if they can recommend a lady who does. Our ladies are known for being very open-minded and eager to please, so if there's a fantasy you can conjure up, we're certain that one of them can make it happen for you at The Boardroom!



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