The Boardroom has been operating for over twenty years, and throughout that time we’ve constantly worked on providing more and more rewards, treats, and special offers for our valued clients. For some time now, we have offered our clients the opportunity to become members of the Boardroom; which allows them exclusive access to news and offers that they won’t be able to see anywhere else!

Becoming a Boardroom member is about more than just signing up to be a part of a mailing list. While we do send you our monthly newsletter, it’s packed full of advice and information about the month ahead: what special events we have planned, what’s happening in the city of Melbourne, and how you can have the best visit possible when you come to visit us. Along with our exclusive newsletter, we also give you your own, unique membership number: this gives you automatic entry in to our weekly draw to receive a free room booking every week (we announce the winner on Twitter every Monday!), and it also entitles you to a free room booking on your tenth visit to us.

Without our loyal and valued clients, The Boardroom simply would not have enjoyed the success we have had, so these are just a few ways we like to say thank you! If you are a member, keep an eye out for more and more special offers and incentives coming your way; and if you’re not a member but you’d like to sign up, simply head to our website. It’s totally free! As always, your details are kept completely confidential and private, as discretion is of the utmost important to us. Sign up as a Boardroom member today and start enjoying the rewards immediately!

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