It’s no secret that at The Boardroom, we’re pretty proud of the work we do. We love getting to spend time with our gorgeous Boardroom ladies, we value so highly our members and clients, and we’re really grateful to be a part of Australia’s ever-growing, and very exciting, adult industry. However, we know that to someone who may have never visited a brothel or gentleman’s club before, what we do might seem a little overwhelming! We get asked from many of our social media followers why exactly someone would visit a brothel, so in today’s blog we’ve set out to answer that question.

In truth, there are as many reasons to visit a brothel as there are brothel visitors themselves! Someone might come to visit us for the chance to explore something in the bedroom that they may never get to try in their every day life; or they may visit to spend time with the kind of woman who they may never get the chance to meet otherwise. Some people visit us because they have very busy and stressful careers and don’t often get time out to meet people, and others simply visit us to indulge in something that humans have been having since the beginning of time: sex!

People visit brothels to treat themselves, pamper themselves, and reward themselves; they visit to experience intimate moments without judgement; and to escape their everyday lives for a little while and spend time in a comfortable and private environment. If you’ve been thinking of visiting a brothel for the first time, why not come in and say hello? Our Boardroom ladies love welcoming first-time visitors, and our award-winning reception team are experts at answering every question that a new visitor may have. Give us a call, send us an email, or just wander down to South Melbourne! We can almost guarantee that your first time won’t be your last.

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