You may notice that at The Boardroom, we talk a lot about our reputation as one of Melbourne’s best brothels. Anyone who pays us a visit will see why we have such a great reputation, but what exactly makes us one of Melbourne’s best?

To begin with, the amount of time we have been operating – for over twenty years – truly makes us stand out from many. In this industry, businesses come and go, but we’re able to boast more than two decades of operation thanks to our amazing team, who have helped us build a reputation for having professional, fair, warm, and caring staff at every point of our business. But don’t just take our word for it – our great team has also won us several adult industry awards!

We also make time to constantly renovate and upgrade our rooms and suites, which means that when you visit us you never have to worry about showers not working, carpets running threadbare, or sheets and towels being the same ones that were in use a year ago. We’re dedicated to maintaining luxurious and elegant premises, and truly believe that ‘near enough’ is never good enough when it comes to how our establishment looks and feels.

Finally, the one thing that gives us real confidence in our reputation as Melbourne’s best is the way our ladies and our clients speak about us. Our clients know us for being discrete, professional, and always warm; while our ladies will boast about how caring, fair, and reliable our receptionists and managers are. We’ve also known many of our ladies and clients for years, which gives us faith that our reputation – and our business – can truly stand the test of time.

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