If you’ve been following the news over the past few days, you might’ve noticed a headline coming out of the United States: a number of prominent men are wanted on charges of soliciting prostitution at a spa in Florida.    For anyone who regularly visits brothels, seeing people charged with soliciting prostitution can be more than a little unnerving. After all, none of us want to imagine that we’re breaking the law by visiting a sex worker, nor do we want to imagine that we could possibly be aiding human trafficking. For us at The Boardroom, these news stories bring in to sharp belief the importance of only choosing to support those adult businesses that do work within the law. While unfortunately sex work remains criminalised throughout much of America, we’re lucky enough to have laws in many states of Australia that support brothels and sex workers and help the adult industry to grow and flourish safely.   In Melbourne, provided you are licensed, it is legal to own a brothel, run a brothel, work at a brothel, and visit a brothel. At The Boardroom we work particularly hard to make sure that our business operates within all Victorian laws, meaning that our clients, staff, and the Service Providers never have to worry about breaking the law when they are with us. Unfortunately, not all businesses choose to operate the same way, and even in Victoria there are businesses that offer sexual services without having a license to do so. Businesses that work this way not only risk the health and wellbeing of their clients, staff, and ladies; but also risk making their clients and ladies unknowingly break the law by receiving, or giving, a sexual service.   We absolutely encourage anyone seeking to visit a sex worker or brothel to make sure that they are visiting a legal brothel. With so many diverse and vibrant adult businesses in Victoria, there should be really no need to risk health and safety by visiting a business that refuses to operate within the law. Here at The Boardroom, we are proud to be a legal brothel and look forward to many more years operating in Victoria, in compliance with the law. Read the full story here  New York Post / – Amanda Woods For more updates on this story New York Post / – Elizabeth Rosner

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